The ultimate marketing strategy.

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“Values are like lighthouses; they are signals giving us direction, meaning, and purpose” — Recruiter Journal.

And this is what marketing is about, communicating values in an overly noisy world. Remember, the attention span of your customers is short, very short. And nobody could articulate it better than Steve Jobs in his Think Different keynote speech.

Talking about the bits and pieces of your product is no way to build a brand. It will only result in a battle to the bottom. So instead, focus on the difference you want to make and not the job at hand.

Technology and trends are moving, and it is moving fast. So, yes, you can use tech-talk to get traction with those early adopters, but it will start working against you sooner or later. In the long run, people will not only love you for the things you make but, more importantly, for why you make them feel the way you do. Don’t forget; passion is contagious.

Bottom line: Focus on the difference you want to make. Very few are interested in the bits and pieces you are trying to sell.




Founder, entrepreneur and introvert. Daily blogger and lover of everything agile.

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Thys Cronje

Thys Cronje

Founder, entrepreneur and introvert. Daily blogger and lover of everything agile.

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